Zavier’s Photo Essay

This is a photo of the main idea. There are still many students left in the building even after school has already been let out.
This is a photo of Kenwood Academy long after the majority of students have gone. This hallway is particularly empty of movement.
This photo focuses on one aspect of before school life. The bathrooms are as they rarely are, empty.
This photo captures a specific aspect of school being let out. The staff have been allowed to leave by the time this photo was taken.
This photo shows some of the emotion of being stuck in school. Students are long gone and are enjoying the beautiful day outside.
This is a photograph of a stairwell that normally sees a lot of action during the day, but it is strangely empty before school.
This is yet another stairwell that is empty. This just shows that indeed all corners of the building are empty.
This shows the Kenwood building filling up with students just after the bell has sounded.
This photo summarizes the whole of the photos. Here there are lines and lines of lockers that were being used only an hour before, but are now useless.
This photo clinches the message. There are only a few students left after a long day and there is even a teacher staying later than required.

Photo Story

by Zavier Celimene

These photos are of the school during odd hours, before and after School at Kenwood Academy. These photos show that regardless of age and year of school, students are all the same in the way that they are here just before school preparing, and after school, students are ready to leave.

These photos were taken during the fleeting moments before and after school, and capture these moments that are taken for granted. All of these moments both depict the school when it is crowded. Also, these photos depict the school as many students have never seen it: empty. These pictures of the vacant school were taken at odd hours, early before school, and late after school. At both of these times, the school is nearly empty of both students and staff.

The purpose of taking these photographs was to make students aware of what they and the school are like after the official hours of instruction. Hopefully these photographs will lend some light to what students were previously unaware of.

These photos looked at specific aspects of the school both before and after school, such as the stairways, the hallways, the lockers, and the posts of some of the staff members.

Hopefully, these photos made students more aware of what the building is like when they are not necessarily there to see it. That is what the goal of the entire project was; to show the students what they were missing

I made it my mission to give students the knowledge of what their building is like, even if they are not there to see it in all of its glory.

The school belongs to the students, they ought to know what it looks like at any time of day.

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